Course Topics

Performance Management

Course Overview:

Manage the performance of the ‘Star’, the ‘Average’, the ‘Peaked’ and the ‘Poor’ employee.

In an age of increasing competitiveness, client awareness and accountability, organisations are required more to maximise work performance from all staff. However in order to achieve the best from its people, an organisation must establish and maintain performance and management processes which suit the culture and values of the organisation & its business.

This course provides an opportunity for participants to review, discuss and improve their knowledge, understanding and skill in the key principles and techniques required for effective performance management.

Who will benefit from attending this Training?

HR Executives, Team Managers and Leaders, Senior Management 

Course Outline:

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Course Content

What is Performance Management?: responsibility for getting the best results from staff; performance not personality; structuring expectations; importance of planning; reasons for managing performance.

Standards of Performance and Behaviour: considering the circumstances; the skills needed; understanding the skills; assessing the skills; setting the standards; SMART objectives; team and individual objectives.

Types of Performance: approaches for managing the performance of the four types of employee - the ‘Star’, the ‘Average’, the ‘Peaked’ and the ‘Poor’; in addition, managing the performance of those who think they are brilliant but who actually are mediocre!

Leadership: the role of the leader; attributes of a leader; maintaining authority and respect; leadership styles; achieving results through others; improving individual performance.

Motivation - the Vital Ingredient: motivation factors; motivational techniques; practical steps in motivation; different people with different needs.

Managing Performance: the value of ongoing performance management; evaluating progress and achievement; maintaining flexibility to business change; recognising and closing performance gaps; revising standards; the role of coaching in performance management.

Coaching: Developing a planned strategy; adapting your style; organisational alignment; making skilled interventions; giving constructive feedback and praise; link to appraisals.

Personal Development
  • Action planning - the essential next steps
  • Continuous professional development - what next?
Key Benefits
By the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Measure performance
  • Provide explanations as to why peoples performance varies
  • Assess how you deal with existing employees and how you wish to recruit future staff to further the financial health of a business
  • Interpret how your management and leadership styles are critical to maintaining and developing performance in you staff
Training Methodology

The training process is based on a carefully planned mix of succinct tutor input - with practical illustration of tools and concepts, group work on case studies (all video based - and lively), feedback, and selective work on individual issues in pairs. Team involvement and working enable a strategy to be created from start to finish. The Training is based on the 4 mat systems to enable complete learning. There will also be some opportunity for role play. You will receive an electronic toolkit within the material for subsequent everyday use.

Let Snergy come to you !

Did you know Synergy can come to you and deliver this workshop ‘In Company’ at your own venue or location. If you have three or more people who you would like to benefit from attending this workshop our trainer can travel to you and deliver the same specification of course for your staff at a fraction of the overall cost.

If you’d like to know more about this option email us at  – our operations team manages all of our ‘In Company’ events and we can talk you though the logistics, pricing and whether you’d like the workshop as advertised here or something tailor made just for your business.

We have several packages on offer so contact us today.

What is Continuing Professional Development (CPD)?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a personal commitment to keeping your professional knowledge up to date, improving your capabilities, proving commitment and competency in your profession. It focuses on what you learn and how you progress throughout your career, helping you gain more credibility within your industry, with your employer, clients and gain competitive edge over your peers.

Being actively committed to CPD may in the future:
  • Improve your Resume
  • Maintain professional recognition
  • Showcase your achievements, attributes and your brand
  • Accelerate your career prospects
  • Deliver job satisfaction: ensuring you are Career focused
  • Reassure your Employers and Stakeholders that you are upto date and competent
How do I gain CPD recognition:

By attending Synergy Courses you can be assured that attendance, completion and certification will be rewarded by CPD points. To help advance your professional status CPD recognition is awarded on both public workshops and in-house courses, being dependent on the number of hours spent learning. On request Synergy Training Group will provide a certificate of attendance for you to use as evidence and to attach to your record card.

A number of our courses are accredited, endorsed or approved by a number of Learning & Development and Professional Bodies and Associations for more detail please contact us at 

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