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About us

We specialise in Learning & Development Solutions “Solving our client’s unresolved problems” on a global platform.

Delivering Excellence in Training & Consultancy to Individuals on a public event basis and organisations at their premises, bringing the world’s leading experts in their fields.

Fast Facts:

  • Trainers in every continent of the globe
  • Hundreds of thousands of happy delegates
  • Qualified and certified Trainers, Coaches and Facilitators

Founding Principles:

Group Synergy was founded on the belief that today’s organisations, that will develop and grow into tomorrow’s leading brands want to partner with an organisation that understands them and their people and can successfully implement critical business change on an operational,  strategic, financial and behaviourial platform.

Our Capabilities:

  • Over 250 associate trainers worldwide, in all continents
  • Able to deliver truly multinational training projects
  • Multiple Language delivery availability

Our Expertise:

  • Training needs analysis (TNA)
  • Programme design
  • Training project management
  • Training delivery
  • Consultancy in Human behaviour Consulting, Psychometrics and profiling
  • Team Development and Change
  • Director Development
  • Corporate Strategy - Planning, restructure, implementation and delivery
  • Management Continuity, Crisis aversion and Management and Sustainability
  • Recruitment – Finding the next Star

Our Team:

The Synergy team is a tight knit community who are dedicated to ensuring that our clients get the best possible service and the highest quality delivery. This can be seen time and time again in our case studies and continually positive references from clients.

  • Our approach to learning delivery is based on, the world’s leading experts bringing dynamic thinking to ensure that skills are absorbed and transferred to the workplace.
  • Synergy is accredited independently and recognised by the world’s leading professional institutions and bodies.
  • Our people are tasked with taking all of our courses matter of personal development so they don’t miss much and will guide you to the right course if you have any doubts.

Why clients choose to return to Synergy time and again:

For us it’s all about “Quality” and “Customer Service”, the customer comes first, all the time, a real person will answer the phone within 4 rings and not with a recorded message and a carousel system, the human touch is what we are about, because we develop people and turn them into Stars.

Synergy delivers solutions across the globe: Our ability to develop and deliver client solutions across international boundaries provides major benefits to global client organisations, including:

  • Cost and efficiency savings through use of a single solution provider.
  • Ease of dealing with a single provider for language, translation, travel and cultural issues.
  • Consistency of message and quality across different sites.
  • Cultural alignment through customisation, tailoring and sensitivity to local cultures.
  • Regional representation and contact points.

Reasons to choose Synergy

Contact us by e mail at and we’ll be only too happy to discuss any needs or questions.